Small Acreage

Small Acreage Program Boulder County has more than 5,000 properties from 1-100 acres totaling over 37,000 acres. This page is for those small acreage managers.
This progam area is headed by Sharon Bokan, Small Acreage Management Coordinator.

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Key Programs

Small Acreage Management (SAM) Program

How do I set up a grazing management plan?  How do I deal with the weeds in my pasture?  How much forage can I expect to produce on my property?  If you have these questions or others about your small acreage, the SAM program can assist you.  We can provide advice on pasture management, weed management and other issues commonly encountered by small acreage owners. 


Small Acreage Weed ID and
Management Workshops

Are your weeds getting the best of you or you're not sure what is a weed and what isn't? Come learn what weeds you have and how to manage them. Check back for 2016 workshop dates.

2016 Small Acreage Management Volunteer Program
- Applications being accepted -
Advise small acreage owners on management (grazing, weed ID, weed control, fire mitigation, etc.)

Brochure | Job Description | Application

Wildlife Master Program

Do you have squirrels chewing on your trees or raccoons eating your corn?  Tired of dealing with mice in your house?  Wildlife Masters are available to provide information on how to deal with these critters and more.  Wildlife Masters are trained volunteers that can help the public deal with conflicts with wildlife.  How do you contact a Wildlife Master?  Call the main Boulder County Extension Office number at
and ask to be placed in the
Wildlife Master voice mailbox. 
Wildlife Masters will return your call within a day.

Wildlife Master Volunteer

Applications being accepted

Assist Boulder County residents in dealing with conflicts with wildlife

Brochure - Job Description - Application


Natural Disaster Resources


BoCo Small Acreage Listserv
Join the Boulder County (BoCo) Small Acreage Listserv select BoCo_Small_Acreage from list and fill out form This listserv provides a means for us to send out information to Boulder County small acreage managers to help them make better management decisions. It also is unmoderated, meaning that anyone subscribed to it can send emails to everyone on the list, providing a forum for discussion of small acreage issues.


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Manure Management

SAM Volunteers