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"Profits Preserve Passion" - Economic sustainability is key to the longevity of any ag enterprise.
All aspects of business management are crucial to reaching your goals in commercial agriculture.
It all starts with good planning and recordkeeping.

"Control the Controllables" - Risk management on a variety of small business issues is
also critical to keeping a small farm profitable over the long term.
You can't control the weather, but
you can control how you manage your ag business.

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Colorado State University Extension Ag Business Management Resources

  • Strategic Planning
  • Custom Rates Survey
  • Enterprise Budgets
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Management
  • Financial Ratios
  • Business Organizational Structure
  • And More

More Ag Business Management Resources

Business Planning Labor Regulatory
Estate Planning Recordkeeping AgrAbility (physical accessibilty)
Marketing Leasing Prices
Food Systems and Policy Financing Taxes



Business Planning

Colorado Building Farmers program

“Building a Sustainable Business” entire publication: http://www.sare.org/publications/all_pubs.htm  
BSB sections found at: http://www.misa.umn.edu/vd/bizplan.html

Ag Plan - online business plan tool - https://www.agplan.umn.edu/ and register for Ag Plan and select an "Ag -Value Added" template

SCORE Denver

CSU Extension Ag Production and Farm Management factsheets

ATTRA - business planning and management factsheets

Colorado Business Resource Guide - Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Colorado Bar Assoc - for legal advice relevant to Colorado

Bradford Publishing - for legal forms relevant to Colorado


Estate Planning

Ag Transitions




CSU Extension Ag Marketing factsheets

Colorado Department of Ag - Markets Division

Colorado Market Maker - list your ag product in this online searchable database

USDA Ag Marketing Service

Direct Marketing and Value Added

2010 Colorado Farmers Market Association survey

Colorado Farmers' Market Association

Boulder County Farmers' Markets

ATTRA - marketing factsheets

Southwest Marketing Network

North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association

Ag Marketing Resource Center

Community Supported Agriculture

USDA AMS Grading Standards for fruits and vegetables

USDA AMS Farmers Markets and Local Food Marketing


Bountiful Colorado - Flyer - Poster

Sell What you Sow

The New Farmers' Market

Direct Marketing Resource Guide

Challenges and Opportunities For Marketing Fruit From The Western Slope of Colorado, 2001

Market Reports

CSU Extension ABM fresh produce and meat market reports

Commodity Market Reports (scroll down for hay)

AMS Market Reports (includes wholesale prices for organic)


Food Systems and Policy

CSU Extension Ag Policy factsheets

Boulder County Food and Ag Policy Council

CSU Food Systems and Ag Policy



Farm Service Agency

Farmers' Union Insurance

Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance



CSU Extension Ag Labor factsheets

Ag Help Wanted - guidelines for managing ag labor

Postive Practices in Farm Labor Management - NCAT pub

Labor Management in Agriculture - UC Davis pub
Full doc

Colorado Department of Labor



Quickbooks can be a great tool for tracking farm expenses and incomes and generating financial reports



Leasing from Boulder County Parks and Open Space

CSU Extension Ag Lease factsheets

Holding Ground - book with lease considerations



CSU Extension Ag Finance factsheets

Farm Service Agency Loans

Mountain Plains Farm Credit

Colorado Agricultural Development Authority Beginning Farmer Program

The Farmers' Guide to Agricultural Credit (4.5 MB and 45 pages)



CSU Extension Ag Taxes

IRS Schedule F (Form 1040)




Boulder County Public Health Department

Colorado Department of Health and the Environment

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) - CSU - Colorado Department of Ag - Cornell - UC Davis - Michigan Extension - USDA AMS


Northern Colorado and Denver Metro Farmers Market Prices

2011 reports can be view at the CSU Extension Agribusiness Mangement website under Market Reports

2010 by report release dates - August 13 - August 24 - September 15 - September 22 - October 6 - October 9

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