4-H Judging Programs

Horse Judging

If you are interested in being on the DC Horse Judging Team, please contact the Extension office for more information 720-733-6040.


Hippology is a team contest based on your favorite animal: the horse. It consists of four activities.

  • Stations: You have to name breeds, colors, types of horse shoes, parts of the body, etc.
  • Judging: Two halter classes (no reasons)
  • Written Test: All team members take test individually and the scores are put together.
  • Group Question: Team members work together to solve a problem and present it.

If you are interested in being on a DC Hippology/Horse Bowl Team, please contact the Extension Office 720-733-6940.

Livestock Judging

This team learns to judge swine, beef, and sheep. For more details, please contact the CSU Extension Office. At this time we are looking for a coach - if you are interest please contact Brenda at 720-733-6940.

Beef project Boy with hog
Douglas County 4-H members in County Fair livestock shows.

Meats Judging

The Douglas County 4-H Meat Judging team won the National Champion title at the 2008 American Royal Stock Show National 4-H Meat Evaluation and Identification Contest. The 4-H staff at the CSU Extension Office can help you and your children get involved in this rewarding programs. Call the office at 720-733-6940 or contact coach Paul Clayton at PClayton@usmef.org.


2008 National Champions
Douglas County 4-H Meats Judging Team