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dfgHow do plants grow? What kind of tree is that? Should I fertilize my vegetable beds this year? How do I adapt my gardening experience to our dry, mountain climate? The Colorado State University Master Gardener program is a unique opportunity to go in depth into these and other topics and issues. Classes are offered annually in the first quarter of the year. CSU Master Gardener Volunteers share their knowledge through educational volunteer efforts in the community. You will find our Master Gardeners at Farmer's Markets, community gardening projects, seminars and workshops, and even hiking the local trails from time to time - what a great opportunity to find out what that beautiful flower alongside the trail is called!

Colorado State University Master Gardener Training Program
The 2012 Colorado Master Gardener training program will be taking place regionally in Mesa County and Summit County, with our local class offering in Eagle, Colorado hosted by Eagle County Extension. This ten week program began in January and concludes in March (typical of each year). The class may be purchased (an excellent option for Green Industry and other professionals). You may also apply to participate through the volunteer option for a reduced tuition fee. Garfield County residents who participate in an out-of-County training will (generally) need to complete their required volunteer hours in Garfield County and will need to speak with the Garfield County Extension Office to pre-arrange this, thank you! Application materials are due to the Eagle County Extension Office by December 9, 2011. Any questions, just give us a call.

sdfgHow do I sign up? Complete applications must be submitted to the Eagle County Extension Office by the deadline, December 9, 2011. An application packet may be found below. Please note the Eagle County Extension Office mailing address on the packet; do not send application materials to the Garfield County Office! All CMG Volunteer applicants will undergo background and reference checks. Please contact the Extension Office and speak with Pat McCarty if you have questions about the CSU Master Gardener program.

Info. About the 2012 Colorado Master Gardener Program

2012 Colorado Master Gardener Training Application

2012 Colorado Master Gardener Training Schedule

2012 Colorado Master Gardener Training Information

Do you have a question for our Master Gardeners?

If you have questions about gardening, plant health, etc., please contact our office and we will be glad to help! Our Garfield County CSU Master Gardener volunteers are a fantastic community resource. Looking for a speaker for your local gardening club? Does your youth group need guidance with a volunteer project involving plants? Or, perhaps you are just wondering what is going wrong with your tomatoes... Give us a call and we will put our Master Gardeners on the case!