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Wind energy in Gilpin County

Sometimes it seems like the wind is always blowing in Gilpin County. But does that mean that the wind is of the right sort to produce good electricity?

On Jan 7, 2010 in partnership with United Power, we installed a SkyStream 3.7 wind turbine on the Fairgrounds (Picture) outside the Extension Office. After 3 years of data, we found that the turbine only produced about 1000 khw/year or about $100 worth of electricity. The winds at this particular site were too gusty and turbulent to provide a lot of useable power, so wind energy was not found to be cost effective. In January 2014, the turbine was decommissioned.

Here is wind energy information from a 60 meter tall anemometer that was installed December of 2008, and left up for about a year.

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