4-H Youth Development

4-H is a national youth development program that has been in existence for more than 100 years.  The primary goal of 4-H is to assist youth in developing life skills that help them live productive and satisfying lives.

Some important life skills include making decisions, solving problems, relating to others, planning and organizing, communicating with others, leading self and others, and applying science and technology. 

Being part of a 4-H club is one of the most meaningful ways to participate in 4-H.  Youth can also be involved in special interest programs, school enrichment and mentoring programs sponsored by 4-H.

Please see the Family Help Sheet for enrollment information. There are guides with screenshots of our enrollment website for New Families and Existing 4-H Families. Enrollment information is also available on the Prospective 4-H Members page. Look under "How do I join?" Enrollment for the 2015-2016 4-H Year opens on October 16, 2015! The deadline to re-enroll for existing 4-H members is December 18, 2015. After that date, your enrollment fee doubles to $90.00. 

4-H Clubs

Jefferson and Gilpin Counties have many club offerings for youth interested in joining 4-H. The 4-H year goes from October 1 through September 30 each year. To see what clubs are available, click here to see our club map.

4-H Newsletters

Click here to see the most recent Weekly 4-H Newsletter, which goes out to 4-H families on Fridays to keep you up-to-date!

4-H Barn Dance Fund-raiser

Saturday, May 7, 2016 is the third annual 4-H Barn Dance! Thank you to our top sponsor, Big R of Conifer! We are seeking mid-level sponsors and donations for live and silent auction items. Here is our donation form for your information and use when obtaining items. Thank you to those who support the 4-H program through this fun family event!

Seedling Trees and Perennial Plants – 4-H Trees

This annual program is conducted by the County 4-H Council both as a service to the community and a source of some of the County Council’s funding for countywide 4-H activities. They earn a small commission on sales from the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery, in return for processing orders and overseeing their pickup. This program has been in operation by Jeffco 4-H since 1974. Visit 4htrees.org, download the information leaflet, and download the perennial plants and seedling trees order forms.

Dog Project

Jump Into Our YouTube Dog Video Here

Are you interested in joining 4-H in a Dog Project? We have a dog group that meets in the Conifer area and one that meets in Golden at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds! The dog program teaches you to train your dog for obedience, showmanship, and rally with some agility thrown in for fun!

Please see our dog poster for information!

Horse Information

2016 Horse Show Bills

  • Posted here when available

Horse Bowl Team

Flyer with information and schedule

Horse Judging Team

Flyer with information and schedule

2016 Horse Show Schedule

Show Schedule Document

  • February 14 – Equine Experience Clinic - Jeffco Event Center Arena
  • May 15 – Arvada Hoofprinters Show – Westernaires Arena
  • May 22 - Hairy Horse Show - Westernaires Arena
  • June 5 - Pleasant Park Gymkhana - McKeever Arena (Conifer)
  • June 26 – Horsefeathers Show – El Pinal Arena (Evergreen)
  • July 9 &10 – Pleasant Park Horse Show – McKeever Arena (Conifer)
  • July 17 – Golden Spurs Horse Show – Jeffco Event Center Arena (Fairgrounds)
  • July 24 – Horse Council Fair Clinic – Table View Arena
  • August 7 - Pleasant Park Gymkhana - McKeever Arena (Conifer)
  • August 11 & 12 – County Fair – Jefferson County Fairgrounds (subject to change)
  • August 25-28 – State Fair – Pueblo
  • September 4 – Equine Event – Rodeo Arena
  • September 25 – 4-H Fun Show/Clinic – Table View Arena
  • Contact the Extension Office for information.

Jeffco 4-H Shooting Sports

2016 Shooting Sports Leader Meeting dates are Jan. 19, Apr. 19, July 19, and Oct. 18. All shooting sports leaders are encouraged to attend these meetings!

Livestock Information

Livestock Quiz Bowl Team

Jeffco Livestock Quiz Bowl is beginning practices. Here is their flyer with the schedule and information.

Livestock Judging Team

Contact the Extension Office for information.

MQA/PQA Certification

Jefferson County is hosting a Meat Quality Assurance/Pork Quality Assurance Open House class on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, in the Exhibit Hall on the Jefferson County Fairgrounds at 15200 W. 6th Ave., Golden. All first year livestock members and those turning 14 are required to take MQA/PQA certification training classes. Here is the list of Jefferson County 4-H Members who have taken or need to take the class (updated Nov. 13, 2016).

Each year, 4-H livestock members show and sell market animals at the fair. During the year, they seek supporters for the Livestock Auction and Youth Market. The Jeffco Livestock Enrichment Programs, Inc., a 501(c)(3), hosts a pig roast before these events at the fair. If you can help out the program, click here to see our fund-raising letter.

Colorado 4-H Dress Code

The Colorado 4-H Dress Code must be followed at all 4-H events and activities.

4-H Code of Conduct

4-H members, leaders, parents, and other adults participating in 4-H activities will follow the Colorado 4-H Code of Conduct.

Sportsmanship Guidelines

The development of sportsmanship is an important part of growing up. To become contributing, competent, caring, capable adults, youth must develop sportsmanship. It's important for people to be fair and generous competitors, good losers, and graceful winners. All participants in 4-H, County Fair, and other youth programs are expected to demonstrate the elements of sportsmanship before, during, and after their participation.

Sportsmanship for Participants

Sportsmanship for Parents

Sportsmanship for Spectators

Current Events

  • County Council is selling 4-H T-Shirts - Order Form
  • Equine Experience Clinic, Feb. 14, in the Event Center at the Jeffco Fairgrounds
  • Tack Swap, Feb. 14, in the Event Center during the Equine Experience Clinic
  • MQA/PQA Certification Class, March 29, 2015 in the Exhibit Hall at the Jeffco Fairgrounds
  • Deadline for Jeffco 4-H Seedling Tree orders, April 8, 2016, Order online at 4htrees.org or download an order form.
  • Pickup of seedling trees and perennial plant orders, April 28, 29 & 30, 2016, Jeffco Fairgrounds.
  • 4-H Barn Dance, May 7, 2016, in the Jeffco Event Center on the fairgrounds
  • Summer Camps - A licensed child care provider, the program offers students entering 3rd grade a chance to become science explorers and those entering 4th, 5th, and 6th grades to explore Colorado’s natural and cultural history.
  • Jefferson County Fair, 4-H Event Dates-August 5-9, 2015. Check out our 4-H Youth Market brochure!
  • Each year, 4-H livestock members show and sell market animals at the fair. During the year, they seek supporters for the Livestock Auction and Youth Market. The Jeffco Livestock Enrichment Programs, Inc., a 501(c)(3), hosts a pig roast before these events at the fair. If you can help out the program, click here to see our fund-raising letter.